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Scenarios for CFOs: Companies in a new world order – Jan Berger at the Handelsblatt CFO Summit

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  • June 2023
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Jan Berger at the Handelsblatt CFO Summit. Picture: Handelsblatt CFO Summit.

Themis Foresight CEO Jan Berger was a speaker at the CFO Summit organized by Handelsblatt, which took place on 11. und June 12, 2024 in Düsseldorf. This influential event attracted a large number of CFOs and CFOs who want to tackle the current challenges facing the economy.

Handelsblatt: “It is obvious that everyone is facing new challenges. You, as a CFO, must meet these with creative solutions and keep a cool head at the same time.” The Handelsblatt CFO Summit 2023 offered participants the opportunity to discuss the impact of current developments on their business with thought leaders and experts. The event focused on topics such as dealing with risks, implementing new strategies, the shortage economy, raw material shortages, business interruptions as well as world trade, globalization and localization.

Jan Berger, CEO of Themis Foresight, used his keynote to share his expertise and present the participants with five scenarios for Europe’s economy in a new world order. With in-depth knowledge of the trends and developments in the global economic landscape, he gave CFOs and CFOs insights into the world of corporate foresight.

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Five scenarios for European companies in a new world order

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In his presentation, Jan Berger explained which risks CFOs and CFOs should anticipate in a changing world order and where new opportunities could arise, depending on the scenario.

If you would like an insight into the scenarios, you can download the study free of charge from our website.

Jan Berger’s presentation provided valuable insights for the participants of the Handelsblatt CFO Summit 2023. They opened up new perspectives and encouraged reflection on the strategic orientation of companies. The CFOs and CFOs were encouraged to see change as an opportunity and to find innovative solutions to lead their companies successfully into the future.

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