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Foresight is better than hindsight.

The futures research from Themis Foresight provides companies with a map for the road ahead

Past performance is no guarantee of future success. Many formerly successful companies could still be leading their industry today if their leaders had not rigidly stuck to the same path that had previously led to success. Because one thing is certain: the future is never linear.

Benefit from our broad and far-reaching futures research. We will help you develop a clear picture of the future for your company.

Our clients:

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    The Future of Industrial Labor

    What will industrial work in Germany look like in the future? That’s what we want to investigate in a large-scale project with companies across Germany. Become a project partner!

    There is more beyond the horizon.

    The future of your company will not be decided in 2023 or 2026.

    The key to success for future-proof companies lies in aligning today’s decisions with the vision for 2030.

    From the countless number of possible developments, Themis Foresight’s team crystalizes the relevant changes, so you do not become hostage to external factors but remain the master of your company’s future.

    “Keep up with the times and time will not pass you by…”

    …with this saying, many trend consultancies lead their customers straight to where their competitors will be tomorrow. With Themis Foresight, you will not be trying to keep up but be ahead of the times. We provide you with a real competitive advantage that will enable you to take decisive actions which will guide you in front of your competitors.

    Leading futures research for pioneering companies in Europe

    We define the quality criteria for our futures research by:

    • Identifying the truly new developments about the future that lie behind the horizon.
    • Only resting until we have fully explored future causes and effects.
    • Going far beyond commonly known trends and shedding light on the developments that are critical for your business.
    • Implementing the apt methodology to answer the crucial futures questions instead of adapting the questions to the methodology.
    • Not catering to clients fears of the future, wishful thinking, and predetermined points of view.
    • Exploring contradictory and uncomfortable things: We do not tolerate deviating from scientific methods for someone’s convenience. | ©  Themis Foresight GmbH