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Seeing future as an opportunity instead of narrowing it down to fate.

At the core of all the studies and projects of Themis Foresight is one central question for leading companies: How will the industry develop over the next 10 to 15 years?

To answer this question, Themis Foresight offers each client a unique package of futures expertise, scientific research, and a business-oriented mindset.

To this end, we compile differentiated perspectives, sharply defined focal points, suitable approaches and methods specifically for each of our customers’ concerns.


Not many executives look beyond their current competitive landscape and the daily nitty-gritty of managing a business. Only a few set the right priorities for their leadership role: to direct their attention to the decisive long-term developments. And by no means would all of them be up to this challenge.

But it is precisely this proactive thinking that offers the outstanding few the chance to truly shape the next 15 to 20 years. For these leaders, Themis Foresight explores the key issues that will determine the future of the European economy.


What major innovations and developments will shape the next 10 to 15 years? What will be fundamentally different in the economy, competitive landscape, and business logics than what is currently being used? And what will be radically different from anything we can imagine today?

How will this affect the distribution of economic power and resources between Europe, the U.S., and Asia? Which industries will be winners in 2035? Which economic sectors worldwide are currently in danger of resting too much on their laurels? What does this mean for the current leaders and hidden champions among global companies?

Who will be safer in the future: early or late adopters? What strategies and decisions do all corporate leaders need to take today in order to secure their success in international competition in the future?


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About our work

Founders Jan Berger and Carina Stöttner

There are two kinds of people. Some are prepared for the future and make something of it. The others have rested in their comfort zone and fail. And that’s exactly what working with Themis Foresight does for me: we give all business leaders the means to anticipate changes far in advance and use them for their own benefit.

Carina Stöttner, Managing Director Themis Foresight





Foresight Consulting


Collaborating with different industries broadens our horizons but is above all to your advantage. At first glance, developments in one industry may seem irrelevant for another. At second glance, the interrelations are often immense: our eye is sharpened for cross-impacts and blind spots. Companies benefit from our accumulated expertise and our broad network across industries. We remain true to our mission: together with our clients, we want to set the European economy on course for the future.

  • Retail

  • IT

  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services

  • Real Estate

  • Health

  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical

  • Energy

  • Telecommunications

  • Mobility & Logistics

  • Food

  • Agriculture


From blockchain to quantum computing – we shed light on the influence of a number of future-relevant technologies and their secondary effects on business models and entire industries. The list of our research topics is long. Below you can find a selection of technological topics that we consider in our research.

Human digital teams

Artificial intelligence will significantly reorganize how we work and live. Already today, we need to anticipate how human digital teams will look like to accordingly compose teams, find specialists at an early stage, set the right standards in selecting technologies and establish structures for a smooth collaboration. This requires both an understanding of the technology and people.

AI Ethics

Machine learning-based AI systems have already found their way into European companies in a variety of ways. With them came the establishment of trustworthy-sounding AI ethics committees. In theory, these committees may sound meaningful. In practice, however, they hardly generate actionable strategies. The biggest challenge is to get rid of unethical bias in established IT systems, databases, and AI algorithms while not losing focus of individual values. Good AI ethics adequately reflect your corporate culture. We help your organization to build a sustainable, practical AI ethics program that is actionable, updatable and sustainable.


Good cybersecurity is changing at the same rate that attackers are coming up with new technologies. Cyber-attacks are steadily increasing: the formerly lone wolf has transformed into organized hacker groups. The quantum era will radically change cybersecurity on both the attacker and defense sides. Cybersecurity will have to become top priority in the future. Lay the foundation for your company’s security today.

Quantum Computing

Two things are certain: First, the exact timeline for quantum computing breakthroughs is uncertain. Second, once quantum computers become universally applicable, they will make a huge contribution to solving the most complex problems of humanity such as climate, health and data security. By no means does this mean that companies can lean back. The quantum age has already begun. In 2019, Google announced Quantum Supremacy, meaning supremacy over classical supercomputers. The standards for quantum encryption are already being set today. Computers that use quantum effects are already solving so-called combinatorial optimization problems such as freight, route, load and fuel optimization in the logistics industry or traffic control in road and air transport. We help to answer the question: How will the quantum age affect your business model and how can you use it to your advantage?

More topics
  • Blockchain / DLT
  • Cloud / Edge Computing
  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • Autonomous Driving
  • AR / VR
  • Sensoric
  • Brain-computer interfaces
  • 3D Printing
  • Metaverse

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