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Tag: Futures Literacy

Events and workshops in futures research and foresight

In a rapidly changing world, it is essential for companies not only to rest on their laurels but to actively shape the future. Themis Foresight, a leading think tank in the field of corporate foresight, offers precisely this opportunity. With our specialized events, known as Future Labs, we enable companies to take a deep dive into the possible futures of their industry and tap into new business potential in the long term.

The role of Future Labs in shaping the future

In our Future Labs, we present our research on topics such as the future of industry, future technologies such as AI or quantum computing or our knowledge of studies on future geopolitical developments. One of our experts will present key trends, developments and scenarios, which we will then discuss with participants from various industries. These public Future Labs have been very popular in the past. Participants acquire futures literacy skills by dealing with these topics.

The next dates:

June 18, 2024 – Stuttgart – The future of industry and industrial work

We are also happy to organize a Future Lab specifically for your company, your region, your industry or your strategy. We use practical methods such as future wheels, backcasting and the futures triangle to make complex future scenarios tangible. These methods enable participants to develop innovative visions of the future, scenarios and technology and business model roadmaps.

Our expertise and your benefits

Themis Foresight supports DAX companies and hidden champions in key sectors such as energy, mobility, food, financial services, ICT and logistics in all matters relating to the future. Our experience shows that many managers lack the time to deal with possible futures. This is precisely where our services come in: We not only offer insights into decisive and possible developments in the coming decades, but also identify social, economic and technological drivers that will transform business models and industries. Our in-depth understanding of business models and our experience working with executives will help guide your company into the future.

Science meets practice

Themis Foresight’s futures research is unique in that it combines science-based research with practical futures expertise and entrepreneurial design options. Our strategies are realistic and practicable, geared towards human needs and economic necessities and prepare the ground for economic, political and legal change. | ©  Themis Foresight GmbH