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The European Economy in a New World Order

Jan Berger, Siv Helen Hesjedal, James Hoefnagels
  • Around the world, there are signs of a new world order. What signals do you need to watch out for and what opportunities does this present for European companies?

    European companies are feeling the effects of the Russian war in Ukraine and many are looking with concern to the coming winter. The rise in energy prices is cutting into profits needed for new investments, and global political instability is paralyzing companies in their international operations.

    How can the European economy recover, regain old strengths and develop new ones? Themis Foresight has launched a project to develop long-term scenarios for the European economy with a time horizon of 2045. Among other things, we are examining what needs to be done in the areas of business innovation, policy reform, and foreign policy to ensure that the European economy thrives in the future. This analysis is an interim report of the findings.

  • Jan Berger is the founder of the think tank Themis Foresight. Previously, he spent 7 years as CEO of a futures research institute. Jan has lived and worked on four continents. His career has taken him through publishing, real estate, IT and finance. He is a sought-after corporate executive sparring partner and keynote speaker. 

    Siv Helen Hesjedal is a Senior Researcher at Themis Foresight with more than 20 years of international experience. After nearly two decades in South Africa, she supports our team from Norway. She spent 18 years at the Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council, where she was most recently Chief Knowledge and Operations Officer. Siv has worked as a strategic advisor to senior political and industry leaders, and supported management teams in various industries in developing sustainable strategies.

    James Hoefnagels pursues a deep understanding of the future as a Senior Researcher and Strategist at Themis Foresight. He has worked at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and as an external consultant for the European Centre for International Political Economy. He focuses on strategic recommendations on how to prepare for possible future scenarios.

  • Date

    November 2022

  • Languages

    EN (OV), DE

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