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Decarbonization for business

Profilbild Themis Foresight
Themis Foresight
Dec 12, 2022

Decarbonization and a reorientation of the energy supply of companies for the future: Themis Foresight is currently researching and advising companies in all sectors on this topic.

How can companies save energy? How can energy costs be reduced? What steps do companies need to take in decarbonization? How can the energy system become more efficient? Which energy technologies will determine the next decades and which investments are worthwhile for companies in the long term? Many companies want to become climate neutral and align their business models with regard to decarbonization. Themis Foresight is currently working with companies from a wide range of industries to examine what this could mean for them individually.

Realignment of the energy supply

What could such a project look like in concrete terms? You can find out more here: | ©  Themis Foresight GmbH