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This was the Future Lab on the future of industrial work in Germany

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This year, we launched a large-scale study on the future of German industrial work . Themis Foresight has set itself the task of sharpening the foresight skills of its network and developing forward-looking perspectives in a vision for the future of industrial work in Germany and Europe. In our most recent Future Lab on March 5, 2024 at the Palais Populaire in Berlin, we presented the initial results and discussed them in depth. Together with leading representatives from business, science and society, we looked deep into the possible futures of industry and the associated world of work.

Meeting full of discussion

Under the leadership of Carina Stöttner and Jan Berger, Themis Foresight has initiated a study that looks at the future of industrial work. The first meeting of this project not only brought together the project partners from Deutsche Bahn, Südwestmetall and PrtX, but also our advisory boards and other prominent guests. This diversity of perspectives enriched the discussions and ensured a fruitful exchange.

Insights and outlooks

The event provided a platform for sharing the initial results of our comprehensive study. Carina Stöttner presented a summary of the findings from the first wave of the survey, which forms the basis for our further research. Dr. Joachim Lang from berlin advisors group / strategic minds and ZEIT Online journalist Vanessa Vu provided important impulses for the discussion on the design of our future working world with their contributions on industrial policy and migration in Germany.

The heart of our Future Lab was the work in groups, in which we put five strong future theses to the test. This intensive examination of possible, probable and desirable futures showed once again how important scientific futurology is for shaping our society. The discussions and thinking through the consequences often left us astonished, but always inspired.

The journey continues

With the knowledge we have gained, we are ideally equipped to enter the next phase of our study. The next Future Lab promises to be another important step in the development of scenarios for the future of industrial work. For the next study phase, there will be another opportunity to become involved in the project as a partner company. Interested companies can contact Carina Stöttner at

And on June 18, 2024, the next Future Lab will take place in Stuttgart, where we will develop scenarios. Registration for this is open. The Early Bird price is valid until the end of April 2024. Thanks to our partner Südwestmetall for opening the doors of Look21 for this event.

A heartfelt thank you

Our personal thanks go to everyone who made this Future Lab a success: Jan David Ott for his professional moderation, which enriched our discussions, our advisory boards for their critical and groundbreaking contributions and, of course, our project partners for their generous support and extraordinary discussion points.

The Future Lab has once again shown that the future of industrial work in Germany and Europe lies in our hands. Through our joint efforts and a willingness to think outside the box, we can set the course for a prosperous, fair and sustainable working world.

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