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Housing industry: Paths to the future

Profilbild Themis Foresight
Themis Foresight
October 5, 2022

In her keynote speech, Carina Stöttner (pictured right) showed how housing companies can successfully position themselves for the future with the right investments.

The BBA Immobilienakademie dared to experiment and invited 20 executives from housing companies to the Bildungsbergtour 2022 in Saxon Switzerland for a sustainable professional exchange.

The openness of all participants was already proven when they signed up for this format. After all, this was not your typical conference with workshops, lectures and coffee breaks. It was in fact a tour over the mountains, where everyone knew everyone else at the end – combined with a broadened horizon in both the visual and professional sense. Nevertheless, there was no with like-minded people was still out of the question. Intensive mental work and physical exertion were on the program. were on the agenda.

The new offers opportunities above all

“Relationships are the commodity of the 21st century. That’s why we wanted to use this format to people into the foreground and network them with each other, not their functions and organizations,” says Sandra Niedergesäß, managing director at the BBA Immobilienakademie. “The new working worlds and methods offer great opportunities for the housing industry. We have incorporated them directly. Already in the run-up to the three days we got to know each other through the platform and were therefore able to jump right in.”

A look into the future sets the rough direction

And this introduction had it all: Futurologist Carina Stöttner from Themis Foresight called her input Future as Opportunity. She presented the big questions of this time not only as challenges, but positioned the real estate industry as part of the solutions. “With more courage and will, the real estate industry can help create its own opportunities from challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers, migration, climate adaptation, and energy and water shortages”. Today it’s an investment, tomorrow the housing companies will be glad to have to have invested in this way,” says Carina Stöttner.


Housing companies are more than just housing providers

Solution orientation, exchange and being human are the keys to success under changing conditions. Housing companies are not only housing providers, but also employers, social actors and institutions with weight and influence on members and tenants. That is why they are so important for the transformation of society with their external impact and their internal life. After all, most people live with a housing company. At the same time, housing is something that touches all areas of society. And that is why courageous housing companies not only face challenges, but are part of the solutions.

Excerpt from BBA Immobilienakademie press release, Christin Hering, September 2022. | ©  Themis Foresight GmbH