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Reorientation Of The Global Economy

How will deglobalization affect your company?

Senior Researcher

The global economy is in a state of upheaval…

Russia’s war against Ukraine and its consequences have revealed that the European economic model of the last three decades no longer works. We relied on cheap energy from Russia, cheap goods from Asia, cheap security from the US, cheap money from central banks, and the export of expensive advanced technologies to developing regions of the world. The still very Western dominated world order is being replaced by a multipolar world order, where countries have multiple alignments and alliances.

At the end of February, we will publish our study on futures of the European economy. In this study we examine the driving forces that are leading us to a new world order, such as changes in world trade, security policy and new rules of the game on the financial markets. The study provides five scenarios for the European economy in 2045. We have published preliminary results in our analysis “The European Economy in a New World Order”.

the consequences can be anticipated.

How these possible futures will affect your company’s business areas can already be anticipated. Themis Foresight works with companies from various industries as well as business associations to conduct impact analyses of the development trajectories which the five scenarios are based on.

Senior Researcher

The growth of the European economy has so far been based on cheap energy from Russia, cheap goods from China, cheap liquidity from central banks, cheap security from the USA and export of expensive high technologies, especially to Asia. None of these prerequisites is met for the future.

Discover long-term opportunities & mitigate future risks

We support you with our foresight expertise.

We offer companies an evaluation of the long-term risks, opportunities, and the secondary effects of the possible transformation of the European economy. In doing so, we take into account where business areas may come under pressure, but above all where new needs for products and services arise due to changing structural conditions in the global economy.

Together with you, we develop a Signal & Uncertainty dashboard that enables you to keep an eye on risks and uncertainties and react quickly. Jointly, we develop action areas that can lead to innovations in your business to defend and expand your market position. We also identify where new business can be developed.

Five scenarios for the European economy

  • Europe: A flourishing middle power

    Economy decouples from EU policies and uses leeway in middle power regions.

  • Global Village Europe

    Europe’s economy is largely confined to the its own market.

  • History Ends – Again

    Europe is thriving in the shadow of continued U.S. dominance.

  • The Great EXIT

    The EU is disintegrating into its nation states.

  • Corporate Europe

    Company State & Climate Neutral Growth Economy based on cyber-physical innovations.

    Why Themis Foresight?

    Europe’s economy in a new world order

    Comprehensive political, economic, and social expertise.


    Cross-industry – as an independent business think tank.

    “Best Foresight Practice“

    through decades of global experience in industry, politics and consulting.

    Picture of the future

    A clear vision for industry leaders so they can make far-sighted decisions today.

    Project Overview


    Definition of the scope and objectives of the project between your stakeholders and Themis Foresight

    Presentation of the study

    In a workshop, Themis Foresight will present and discuss the results and scenarios from the study Europe’s Economy in a New World Order.

    Mapping: Opportunities & Risks

    Customized mapping of opportunity and risk arising from the five scenarios: Where do business areas come under pressure, where do opportunities arise? Crafting of recommendations.

    Signal & Uncertainty Dashboard

    What are the signals that indicate the events are taking place, or developments are taking a particular trajectory? What are the tipping points your need to be know? The signals are identified in a workshop, and a dashboard generated for your company so that you can quickly activate measures as signals arise.

    Summary of results

    The results of the project will be summarized by Themis Foresight and made available to you.

    Download PDF with details about the project


    Our research on the topic

    The European economy in a new world order

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