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Future Fashion Retail – Impulses for the fashion industry

Profilbild Themis Foresight
Themis Foresight
June 01, 2022

Carina Stöttner spoke about fashion in changing times with an outlook to the year 2035 in her keynote speech.

On May 18, on the initiative of Alexander Gedat, we were able to spend an exciting day with the executives of GERRY WEBER International AG, Ahlers AG, Fynch-Hatton & Sportalm Kitzbühel with our Inspiration Day Future Fashion Retail!

With three presentations to get us started, we provided inspiring future impulses for the industry.

Together, we then examined which future trends and new technologies are changing the business models of companies in the industry and what design options they have. We identified relevant social, economic and technological trends, drivers and players based on the following questions:

What might a future business model look like in the metaverse? What skills does a company that offers mass individualization need? Can premium retail work in stores? And how can sustainable omnichannel fashion be designed?

The lively and entertaining work sessions produced one or two very creative ideas. We will definitely stay tuned and continue to observe where the journey is heading. | ©  Themis Foresight GmbH