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What will Europe’s economy look like in a new world order?

Profilbild Themis Foresight
Themis Foresight
Nov 28,2022

In November, Themis Foresight and its network discussed three of the five scenarios for what Europe’s economy could look like in the future. Back from left: Dr. Matthias Niedenführ, Dr. Jutta Krienke, Thomas Köpp, Siv Helen Hesjedal, Carina Stöttner, Dr. Olaf Theiler, Stefanie Foerster, Carsten Brandes, Jan David Ott, Dr. Ursula Schütze-Kreilkamp, Jürgen Keitel, Michael Stautz; Front from left: Jan Berger, Andreas Katzer, Martin Hartmann, Yasmin Krause;

On Nov. 28, the invited guests in Frankfurt discussed three of the five future scenarios for the European economy drafted by Themis Foresight. Siv Helen Hesjedal presented the results of the research of the last months. She spoke with analysts, business and political representatives from all over the world in order to obtain a view of Europe from both the inside and the outside. Based on this, the international team of Themis Foresight designed five scenarios, which differ in their political relations and alignments, economic foundations, degree of technologization and innovation, and social characteristics.

In this second Future Lab, the participants discussed, among other things, which economic structure, which direction of innovation or which corporate landscape determine each of these scenarios.

The results of this research will be published in spring 2023. Together with companies from various industries, Themis Foresight is currently working out what these scenarios could mean for them and their orientation. Interested companies are welcome to contact Carina Stöttner directly for more information.

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