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Themis Foresight Celebrates its First Anniversary!

Profilbild Carina Stöttner

One year ago, in the middle of lockdown, we founded the company in Berlin.

Fast forward April 2022: We have an exciting year behind us. Besides some bureaucratic hurdles, we have experienced many highs! We were allowed to accompany many board members and executives of different industries with their vision of the future and with future studies, got insights behind the scenes of many factory halls and facades and learned a lot about ourselves and us as a team thanks to numerous coachings with our companion Jan David Ott as well as our companion Nadine Nobile in our internal New Pay process. We were allowed to deal with topics in extensive future studies and analyses. These topics were so exciting at second glance that they did not let us sleep at night, from AI ethics to liquidity, logistics, food, retail, quantum computing or energy, everything was there. And most recently – unfortunately – the future of the European economy in a new world order.

We worked from Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, England, France and various places in Germany. Some of us gave their first keynote, some more like their hundredth. At the World Futures Studies Conference we met interesting other people of our “guild” and enjoyed very much to exchange ideas about futures studies with them still months later. In May, we publish our first book on AI ethics in talent management. In the same month, we also constitute our first partner advisory board.

It was a blast – we are looking forward to our second year with all our supporters and customers. | ©  Themis Foresight GmbH