Thank you very much! We have received numerous applications. At the moment we are in the selection process and will close the application process soon. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications received after August 27, 11 am.

Head of Finance

Themis Foresight is a Think Tank and Foresight Company.

We conduct futures research and identify decisive developments of the next 10 to 15 years for companies. We investigate which social, economic, and political drivers and new technologies will impact and change the business models of companies and industries in the future.

Our mission is to infuse companies with our understanding of futures so that they can seize the opportunities of market-shaping technologies and thus help shape the future of the European and global economy.

Our strength as a team is based on our combined expertise as highly qualified scientists from a wide range of disciplines. The distinctiveness of our research questions and the resilience of our answers are fed by the diversity of our work and life experiences.

For our newly established company,


    • Shares our vision and brings it into the management of the company
    • Knows how to transform vision into strategies
    • Maintains a professional and fair relationship with coworkers
    • Keeps track of planning, organization and control of all financial resources of our still young company
    • Remains flexible despite all structuredness and keeps a cool head in case of problems
    • Is open to all topics that arise with the founding of a start-up company
    • Is an enrichment for our corporate culture
    • Manages a fluid role transition between Advocatus Diaboli and Advocatus Dei in decision making or conflicts
    • Is enthusiastic about numbers

Contact Person

Carina Stöttner

Managing Director



  • Steering of the company, developing operations strategies and putting them in practice with the team
  • Overseeing the company’s finances, making strategic decisions about the capital structure of the company
  • Establishing processes and policies both from an operational and a financial viewpoint
  • Constructively challenge the team from an operational and financial perspective
  • Taking over every-day administrative functions and billing
  • Overview of legal and regulatory requirements, cooperation with authorities & the tax office
  • Support the Sales team in assuring the quality of the quotation process and final negotiations with our customers’ procurement
  • Service contracts

Ideally, this is



Please also apply if you meet only few of these criteria.*
  • You have experience and/or a degree in business administration
  • You can ensure that business decisions are grounded in solid financial criteria
  • You are familiar with balance sheets and P&L statements and have a good understanding of business plans; also, you know the basics of German financial regulations
  • You are located close to the time zone GMT>+1 (e.g. Berlin, London, Paris, Moscow, Johannesburg, Prague, Cairo, Zurich, Istanbul…) with a good internet connection and are willing to travel to Germany for on-site appointments
  • You are willing to make decisions on your own and bring strong communication skills
  • You have German language skills (C1) and an excellent command of English to communicate with our international team 
  • You have an entrepreneurial and flexible thinking and organizational skills
  • Profound knowledge of Excel and the common office programs


Working from anywhere

Working from what you currently define as home, as long as you are close to our time zone. If required, we provide a desk in a co-working space

Internal Coaching

Company Culture

An open, cooperative and appreciative corporate culture

Permanent Employment

A permanent employment relationship in an internationally operating company


Flexible working hours and a flexible work location


Responsible and interesting tasks with a lot of scope for creativity and development opportunities


We look forward to your application (CV and a possible start date) and meeting you in person or virtually (MS Teams). Carina Stöttner will answer any questions you may have about the position. 

*We explicitly call for applications that do not meet all criteria. Applications from womxn and persons with disabilities are expressly desired. These will be given preferential consideration in the case of equal suitability, ability and professional performance, unless reasons relating to the person of the co-applicant prevail.

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